City Clerk

Hornell City Clerk

Barbara M. Perrott, Clerk

Tina M. Lee: Acct. Clerk, Dep. City Clerk, Registrar of Vital Statistics, Accounts Payable

Yvonne M. Saxton: Acct. Clerk, Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics

Phone: (607)324-7421
Fax: (607)324-3150

82 Main St.
PO Box 627
Hornell, NY 14843
Hours: Sept. - May 8:30 - 4:30, June - Aug. 8:30 - 4:00

The City Clerk's office is located on the first floor of City Hall.
Services Provided by the City Clerks Office:
  • All Accounts Payable.
  • Retains birth, death and marriage records.
    • Records only apply to those who were born in the City of Hornell including St. James Mercy Hospital and who have died in Hornell City limits.
    • Marriage records are available from the municipality where the marriage license was originally purchased.
    • Vital Records date back from 1885 to the current year.
    • A fee of $10.00 for all certified copies of records
  • Issues Marriage Licenses
    • A Marriage License may be purchased from any Clerk in New York State. The ceremony can be performed anywhere throughout the State.
  • Issues Sporting Licenses
    • The fee for sporting licenses varies.
    • You can find a list of sporting licenses courses on the DECweb-site: -Just click on 'Hunt, Fish, Trap', under the green 'Outdoors & Natural Resources' banner.
  • Issues Dog and Cat Licenses.
    • When purchasing license, owner must provide a rabies certificate and spayed/neutered certificate (if applicable).
    • If animal is spayed or neutered, then there is a fee of $7.50 for license.
    • if animal is NOT spayed or neutered, then there is a fee of $15.50 for license.
    • Only dogs and cats belonging to City of Hornell residents will be licensed.
  • Issues various permits (peddlers, contractors, etc.)
  • Has available voter registration forms for new registrants as well as change of address.
  • *City Compost Facility tickets
    • Available in $15 and $30 increments
  • Bid contracts and openings 
  • Records Retention
    • Wild Animal Presence-State Law compels the owners of wild animals to report their presence to municipal clerks by April 1 of each year. Those in the City of Hornell with wild animals must report them on a form available at the City Clerk's office. Considered to be wild animals are non human primates and pro-simians, wild felines, wild foxes and dogs, bear, venomous snakes and constrictors and pythons 10 feet or greater in length, crocodiles and alligators. Failure to file as required will subject violators to penalties under law.
    • The City of Hornell's Records Management Officer is Barbara M. Perrott, City Clerk. Records available to the public can be viewed at City Hall during regular business hours. Records may also be requested by email to using the records request form. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST FORM
  • Notary Public Services. The fee for this service is $2.00.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I reach the City Court?
A. The City Court is not a part of the Clerk's Office. Please contact them directly at (607)590-3314.

Q. How do I get in touch with the Department of Motor Vehicles?
A. The DMV is a Steuben County office NOT the City of Hornell. The Office of Motor Vehicles is located in the County Courthouse (behind Friendly's Restaurant) and can be reached by phone at (607) 281-3605.

Q. Who is my alderman?
A. To determine who your alderman is, click here.

Q. When is the garbage picked up in my neighborhood?
 Garbage in the entire Village of North Hornell will be collected each Thursday.
 City codes limit residences to putting out no more than five 30-gallon bags. All garbage must be held in a container.
 In addition, the City will enforce violations of the state law requiring the separation of recyclables. “People are slacking off” in separating recyclables from regular garbage, according to Mayor Shawn D. Hogan, with increasing amounts of recyclable materials (e.g., cardboard, plastic, and newspapers) entering the waste stream at the Steuben County landfill – which, due to county tipping fees, in turn increase the garbage surcharge paid by residents.   

Q. What is the Holiday Schedule for garbage pickup?
A. If your pick up day falls on or after the following holidays, your pick-up day will be delayed by one day: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. Any holiday that falls on a weekend will not affect your pick-up day. All other Holidays are normal pick up days.           

Q. Can I throw out appliances?
A. Major appliances will be accepted at No Charge. Included are stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washer/dryers, hot water tanks, furnaces and miscellaneous scrap metal. All Commercial Haulers and or loads larger than a pickup truck must go directly to the Bath Landfill. Steuben County Residents may only use the Transfer Station for this service. 

Q. Does Hornell recycle?
A. Yes. Hornell offers curb-side recycling pick up. Recyclables are collected once a month on your normal trash day, in the third full week of the month. An easy way to determine when recycling week is to look for the 21st day of a given month. The week with day 21 in it is recycling week. Recycling does not need to be sorted - put everything in one receptacle.
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