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Snow & Ice Control

Snow and Ice Control

In Hornell, we are especially pleased with our quick response and the thorough work of our crews with regard to snow and ice control.

Our City is set in a valley, with a substantial portion of our residential area located on the hillsides. Because of this topography, we have approached snow and ice control differently than other municipalities.

All light trucks used by city personnel are four wheel drive vehicles, purchased with snowplow equipment. By using these light trucks, we cut personnel service costs in half since only one operator is needed. We double response times using these vehicles because they are more mobile in congested residential areas, and their travel speed is 50% higher than the larger dump trucks. Smaller vehicles are typically 3 times more fuel-efficient as well. Larger equipment is dedicated to the downtown and lower elevations areas.

In about three hours, city crews cover more than 80 lane miles of streets. Other work groups respond to bridges, public sidewalks, walkways in our parks, as well as public parking areas.

An area newspaper, The Corning Leader, conducts reader surveys concerning snow removal in their municipality. Hornell has consistently finished on top with regard to the quality of services provided. 
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